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Why does Prof utilize Blender, Modo, & Lightwave?

Updated: Sep 28, 2017

All throughout my 3D career I have stressed the use of multiple 3D tools in a pipeline, specifically for the addition of Modo for users of Lightwave3D. I learned that perspective back in the 90's when it was rare to find a 3D "suite" that did everything. For example, back then, when I would use 3Ds Max, it had great polygonal modeling tools, but no subdivision surface modeling capabilities while Lightwave3D at the time did. Vise versa, Lightwave3D didn't have a specific character animation system, but 3Ds Max, via the Character Studio/ Biped plugin, could; so I found great benefit in understanding how multiple 3D softwares could aid in the overall creative process. Now we have entered the time of Blender; a robust next-gen 3D software with global transparent development, designed to play well with others and it's free. What makes Blender even more friendlier is the ability to fully customize its interactions to mimic your favorite 3D app, so for those who've benefited from the interactive similarities of Lightwave3D and Modo. . . well, Blender plugs right into that pipeline shortcuts and all. For me, it's all about creating art, not the brand of tool that got me there.

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