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What type of artist is Prof?

In order to understand who I am and what I prefer as an artist we have to go back to my childhood where I loved to draw comic books and watch old sci-fi movies. Drawing and making models for stop animation was my boyhood passion which only grew as I got older into a love for illustration and airbrush art. I was a follower of the great Frank Frazetta and later in the 90's an avid fan of Jim Lee.

I eventually I learned studio photography and freelanced at it working with models in Manhattan along with art and airbrush jobs in New York's garment district. All that before even going to school for art or being swept up into 3D digital art during the digital revolution of the mid-90's.

Either way, I love the things that have staid with me the longest is my airbrush, photography, and this crazy thing called 3D art that uses just about all aspects of my artistic knowledge. I believe those early years of my childhood either defined me or pointed me into the creative direction I still love now.

*My Civilization III Space Race Victory w/ Original Music

This is the Civ III closing launch movie that I created for Firaxis Games as cinematic and unit team leader. Special thanks to Kevin Margo who assisted in the 3D production and Mark Cromer who created the original musical score. Thought this would be good for Civ III fans since this is the launch movie as I originally envisioned prior to publishing

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