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Top 5 Movies or Shows to See for 3D Artists with Amecia =)

Updated: Sep 28, 2017

Hi everyone! I wanted to give my input on a topic that I thought would be fun, but before I do that, let me tell you a little bit about my background. I grew up as a dancer so I actually did not have the quintessential "artist" background or interests. With that being said, as a 3D artist, I have a unique viewpoint on the movies and television shows that I think are either a must-see for 3D artists in general or that are great for developing 3D artists. . .so lets get started.

1. Reboot

I loved Reboot when I was younger and that was before I really understood what I was looking at.

Reboot was a kids television show created by Mainframe Entertainment and was the first ever fully 3D animated TV show. It first aired in 1994 and lasted until 2001.

The show is great for all 3D artists because everyone needs to see the beginnings of how their craft began and gain an understanding of how far it has come. Not to mention this is such 90's nostalgia for me!

2. Wreck It Ralph

For me, Wreck It Ralph was a great movie to watch as well as to get some great ideas from. I have a thing for the "cartoony" styles of life and this movie delves into so many different styles just by the nature of the story.

Centered around the world behind the arcade games, Wreck It Ralph forces you to compare and contrast the difference nuances of the old school 8-bit styles, like Pac-Man, all the way to current shooter and open-world games. Don't get me wrong, the entire movie does still uphold its continuity of cartoon and believable styles (rather than going towards ultra photo-realistic), but it does a great job at making you think about different modeling aesthetics all at one time.

3. IRobot

Okay, do not be mad at me for putting IRobot on the list. I have a very specific reason for this. IRobot is in no way one of my favorite movies; however, it is a great movie to watch for those learning 3D & compositing and just need to watch something to make it click.

So you know when you have those times in which your learning a skill and you just need to

watch someone do it first. I feel like that is exactly what IRobot is. Although this is not a great feat for the compositor (I'm sorry lol), you can see exactly how many of the shots are broken up in much of the movie. With that being said, just watching the movie and really looking for those moments can aid a developing 3D artist and compositor in just making it click.

4. Dredd

OMG this is such a bomb movie. In complete contrast of IRobot, Dredd (The one with Karl Urban in 2012. Not Judge Dredd with Sylvester Stallon) is one of those movies that you can't even figure out what is live action and what is 3D. There is so much greatness going on in this movie you have to just watch the Making Of video. Better yet, go watch the movie!

5. Pacific Rim

Pacific Rim is everything you love about a science fiction movie with the excitement well expected of a Del Toro film. Including all that is robots, monsters, and aliens. This movie is great for all 3D lovers and artists. It touches on photo-realistic rendering, great animation and timing and it really puts scale into perspective. It even gives a nod to its Anime inspired style.

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